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Rajawali (2022)

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Ayah Win composes a computer program to summon and control mystical forces. Unable to contain these forces, Ayah Win is possessed by the dark side. Tok Wan a Silat master and sparing partner Komang help Ayah Win to confront the evil within. Komang trying to find an answer to his friends sudden violent change, is himself possessed by the dark forces. Abandoning his son Abang Long and master Tok Wan, Komang becomes a powerful underworld figure trading in human organs, extortion and money laundering. Tok Wan takes Abang Long as his own and trains him in the ways of Silat. Komang’s search for a way to crack the program and gain untold power, recruits young hackers. Maya, Harun, Shahrul and their gang of cyber thieves swindle tens of millions from dormant accounts. Lavishing themselves with expensive clothes, vehicles and partying brings them to the attention of Komang. Can Tok Wan and Abang Long save Maya, Harun, Shahrul and their gang from Komang and the dark forces within?

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