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578: Magnum (2022)

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A container truck driver, Hùng, lives an idyllic life with his little daughter, An. The father and daughter become the closest companions in every journey with their orange container truck. Life goes on like that until An has to leave her father to go to school. One day, Hùng is informed that An is suffering from severe depression. Relying on his old skills in the past and finding out the truth, Hùng becomes enraged and painful to know that his little girl was kidnapped by a male stranger. Starting his lone and intense journey looking for and chasing after the unknown abuser, Hùng realizes that to hunt down that psychopath he has to counter the massive underground forces behind him.

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Tagline:Pain is when you let him live
Durasi: 108 Min
Bahasa:English, Tiếng Việt

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